Vision & Mandates

A Brief Story


My life vision is...

1. to see Jesus receive the reward of His suffering by creating an environment (prayer rooms) to awaken young people to whole hearted love

2. to hasten His return by equipping messengers who will give themselves to Matthew 24:14 & Malachi 1:11

I had my 'Damascus' experience in Kansas City where I encountered the Lord in a dramatic way that led me back to Singapore with a vision.

God, in His mercy, took my personal journey of burn out as a youth pastor and brought me into the deep chamber of His burning heart. It was in that furnaces, I experienced His desire for me. At that point, I was left with nothing, but I was laid hold by Everything. It was the most intense yet satisfying state of being I've ever experience in my life. I found life in His Desire for me. Its in that place when my heart was fully alive, He drew me deeper into that desire that was beyond myself. His desire for a people and nations.

An intense emotions of pure desire that was not mine were erupting within me. All I could see was darkness lighted up with a pair of burning eyes looking at me. Every whisper of "I have not forgotten Singapore.", "I desire her gaze and her heart" left me groaning with anguish and longing. 

It was then I realised my experience of burn out and losing everything (materials, fame, titles, relationships) that I put my confidence in was for this purpose; to know His desire and identify with His Bride in Singapore, The Church in Singapore. If God were to come with His burning desire, a jealous love, everything that we hold dear, things that we pride ourselves with as a Church will be will be burn away. The vulnerability, weakness, brokenness, insecurity and offence that I experienced is what she will experience as well.

  • To reproduce messengers that burns with the heart of God for the Bride / Church. (John 3:29)
  • To release messengers that burns with the heart of God for the nations (Matt 24:14, Acts 13, Mal 1:11)


The gentle whisper of "If you build Singapore, you will build the nations." gave me strength to root myself in Singapore, labouring for her destiny. Nations has always been my desire, but I know my present season is to give my life, efforts and resources to build this nation, strengthen the local churches till the Church become a house of prayer for all nations, releasing labourers to build other nations.




On the 8th November 2014, I had a vivid dream of an entire generation being slaughtered. In that dream, I received a gavel with an inscription of the name 'Josiah' that birth forth an event call the 'Josiah Assembly'. I felt the zeal of the Lord burning within my heart to mobilise a generation of young people to set their lives apart, making a covenant with God & His word through worship, prayer & fasting in the mundane, hidden, secret place. Through the Prayer Room, We believe God will forge and release messengers & voices to unveil the beauty of Christ in the nations as they give themselves to gaze and making the scriptures their food. I dream of a company of burning hearts, their very existence will confront the status quo of a cold world, turning a nation back to God. 


When I first heard the call of God in my life was in Baggio City, Philippines. I was given a opportunity to preach my first message (The life of Elijah) to a group of students in the Philippines. In the midst of preaching, I heard an audible voice coming from behind me saying "Jason, I've set you apart to be My mouthpiece, a voice to the nations.". I paused from speaking and turned around to see who was it, and I saw nothing but a white wall. Ever since then, I assumed that God wanted me to be a missionary and serve in the nations. Never did I expect it to look like what I am doing today; building a prayer room, planting praying communities, setting up trainings, hosting gatherings and conferences, and mobilising young people to serve the nations.

The Lord has given both Constance and myself a heart for the Muslims & Mandarin speaking people through divine encounters and favour. We are still seeking the Lord and praying into the 'hows' and the 'what'.