To be a voice to call forth passionate lovers of Jesus who will give their lives to see Him receive the reward of His suffering in the nations


A Jesus Lover | Husband to Constance | An Aspiring Author | Son of Singapore



I am ready to spend my all my life, all my energy and all my resources to do this one thing; hasten the day of Jesus' Return on the earth. I am not a pessimist who can't wait to escape the great tribulation. In fact I cant wait to be a part of the most glorious hour of the Church in the history of the world - The Bride of Christ come into full stature of maturity in the Holy Spirit (Power & Authority) and blazing with fiery love for Jesus and people (Intimacy & Love). Jesus is coming back for a Bride (worldwide) who is completely yielded to Him with no reservation. The world is gonna be completely turned upside down like to the day of acts and the world can not handle them because they can't be bought over by any worldly pleasures, even death cannot stop them because they were purchase by the blood of the lamb and they belong to no other.

There are prerequisites to the Second Coming of Jesus.

  1. The Gospel of the Kingdom preached to the ends of the earth (Matthew 24:14)
  2. Salvation of Israel (Matthew 23:39)
  3. The blood of the martyrs come to completion. (Revelations 6:9-11)
  4. The Church come into her full stature of her identity as a Bride, mature in love and in the Holy Spirit, having one heart, one mind and in one spirit. (Revelations 22:17)

I believe there are many more, but these are the few things I am giving myself to - establishing Awakening Centers (Acts 13 Antioch - Prayer Furnaces & Equipping Centers) in strategic cities of Asia, to raise up forerunners messengers through equipping them in the place of prayer worship and word, and to release them as laborers into the fields to complete the God-given assignment on the earth to usher the return of Jesus. I am committed to create an environment and space where young man and woman can have their moments with God that will release a movement of God across the earth unto the second coming of Jesus.

The motivation of my mission is to see the return of Jesus and Him receiving His reward & inheritance for His suffering. Jesus is more than a King, He is the Bridegroom King who will rule and reign the nations with desires. He desires you and me and the nations of the world to be with Him where He is and to see His worth and beauty (John 17:24). His name is the Desire Of The Nations. (Haggai 2:7).

Unto His Return,

Jason Chua

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