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Heart Confrontation

Re-Discovering Christianity & The Gospel

The most remarkable things I've got out from the conference was my understanding and expression of Christianity is being challenged as I sat through some of the most powerful conversation among the leaders and believers both in the Arabs nations & Israel. 

My faith in God was pretty much confronted by these guys who put their lives on the line. Hearing their stories and faith in Christ made me realise the level of freedom they have in their heart to live for God. It provoked me deeply. Despite of the limited freedom they have to worship God (due to ISIS, political agenda, racial complication, religion tension) their hearts were free to live. They truly exhibit what it means to live is Christ, to die is gain. Yet for us we were given so much freedom to worship God yet we aren't free enough to lived for Him. We love our lives too much that somehow we have lost the reason for living. 

Dr Brown spoke something that cuts so deep into my heart about being able to give my life freely away to God for the sake of the gospel. My heart was ripped into half as I responded to God once again, acknowledging that my life is not my own. Just as He bled for me, I will bleed for Him. Just as His body was broken for me, my body will be broken for Him for the gospel.

He prayed and prophesied over both myself and my buddy josh, that we will have a heart of compassion and the backbone of steel. I believe that is the word in season for my life in this season as the Lord is impressing upon my heart to take pray and redeem culture with the gospel of His kingdom and Truth. 

During our evening worship, the Lord once again wreck my heart for the people in Middle East and put before me the question of whole hearted abandonment and giving my life away for Him. Imagery of martyrdom and persecution for the sake of the Gospel hit hard upon my heart and I know God is highlighting to me in taking baby steps to live in the reality of "to live is Christ, to die is gain".

The transition from worship we went into a time of intercession for the arabs and Jewish youth. Allen Hood got me out from my seat to lead in an open mic prayer and I count that as one moment that I will never forget and I count it as a privilege to be able to intercede before hundreds in Jerusalem. I felt the heart of God thumbing on my heart with His Zeal for the sons of Abraham. 

Allen Hood closed the evening session with the excellencies of Christ and the beauty of the God Man. My mind is once again own by the knowledge of God this man have. 

I was undone and I'm ready for the second part of the journey; to walk and experience the land tomorrow through the tour. Keep my in your prayers. I am already feeling the shift in my heart and spirit. There is more!

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