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A National Agenda

Shaping A Nation Through A Generation...

 A Josiah's Assembly; a call to consecrate oneself, make a covenant with God, and to pledge their allegiance to Jesus and His Word. (2 Chronicles 34 & 35)

I believe we are living in a day and age where the voice of culture (made by man) tries to redefine and defy the creative order that was established "In the beginning", (Genesis 1:1) when the Word framed our world and was the very foundation.

These voices are penetrating into the souls and minds of the young in our society today. They weave their way in through the various means that so echoes throughout society. We have a social-media generation who has access to information beyond what other generations could access. And while it has its pros, I also cant deny the cons of how it has the ability to shape people (culture) with humanistic ideology and post-modern mentality.

These impressionable minds are infiltrated by perspectives of famous personalities, secular education systems, indoctrinating them with a world view where the 'absolute' has no place in a 'relative' world. A generation is slowly and gradually being slaughtered by lies that indoctrinates a world-view that masks evil as good and good as evil (Isaiah 5:20).

I believe God has given us insight through the life of Josiah that preserved an entire nation in the 70 years of babylonian reign through Daniel & his three friends. I believe they were a fruit of a solemn assembly that Josiah called the nation to in response to a coming crisis and invasion. 22 years after the death of Josiah, 4 teenagers stood before a Pagan King, of whom demanded to be worshiped and tried to indoctrinate them with pagan cultures and food. 

Unlike other teenagers, these 4 boys chose to set themselves apart. They stood firmed with a resolve in their hearts to keep the commandments of God and not defile themselves with the babylonian food. In fact, they gave themselves a challenge by going into a fast; making a statement that God could sustain them more than their food could. Perhaps, these 4 teenagers had parents who lived that steadfast life that impacted the way they see God, of which caused them to delight themselves in the book of the law - I believe they made that covenant with God in Josiah's Assembly.

One solemn assembly called an entire nation to humble themselves by consecrating a fast, making a covenant before God to pursue, keep and walk out the Book of His Law (Word of God) with all of their hearts and souls (2 Chron 34:31-33). This preserved a nation and turned pagan worshippers to the One True God.

In this year of Jubilee, maybe God would want us to put down our individual banners and raise a national banner as a nation-wide agenda; to present ourselves with fathers, consecrating a fast and making a covenant with God unto the next 50 years. This is a hinge of history, a Kairos moment for our generation. How we set our lives apart for him will shape a nation and how her future looks like. 

Heart Confrontation