To be a voice to call forth passionate lovers of Jesus who will give their lives to see Him receive the reward of His suffering in the nations


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A Global Youth Movement

Youth from different nations gathered to pray

Youth from different nations gathered to pray

In Munich; We got the privileged to be able to sit in with a group of senior intercessors from all over the world. There was such a weighty presence of God in the room and I was deeply apprehended by the Word of the Lord. At the same time Constance was receiving unknown words from the Spirit of God that made no sense to her (which led her to a place call Lake Constance) and she found herself prophesy things that she don't even understand for Germany. Deep intercession was being releasing the the atmosphere for the nation of Germany. 

Then we joined the young people from all over the world for a time of prayer despite of how tired we are after an intense meeting in the morning and afternoon. Nevertheless the hunger and the zeal of these young people for the Lord was raw and contagious. With one voice and heart they sang to God and the Spirit of God fell on some of these young girls and they fell to the ground and went into a place of travailing. 

I felt the Spirit of God was hovering and overshadowing this assembly of young people like the way He did with Mary. God is looking for this generation who is known for casting off restraint from God to one who will say "Be it unto me according to Your word".

I believe God is about to birth and release a youth movement right at the heart of where the nazi movement was born to bring forth restoration, healing, salvation globally unto His return. 70 years of captivity (shame, guilt, pain, condemnation of the effects of nazism) has now come to an end. It is now time for the ancient wells of reformation, revival movement to spring again!

"God, be it unto us according to Your Word and summon the youth of the world for Your kingdom!"

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