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Day 1 of 2015 - 23 hours into the brand new year.

My heart is stirred.. Its gonna be a year filled with events and moments.

  • I will be hitting age 30 in 5 months time.
  • I will be making a vow to a woman whom I will be calling her wife.
  • I hope to write my first book by the end of this year.
  • I dream to host a large gathering (5000 - 7000) of youth and young adult in consecration & covenant with God unto the next 50 years.

Right here in Hong Kong, just by being here fuels my heart for the nation of China & East Asia. I am consumed by a longing to see Jesus come back home, but there are work has to be done before that can happen.

I believe 2015 will be a year where many moments are gonna be written in the history book of Singapore. Movements will be released like an unrelenting river into the nations of the earth. The nations around us are looking at us for answers of peace, prosperity and righteousness. They are looking and learning the definition of success from us; a miracle nation who has no natural resources yet we possess such potential that harnesses wealth and affluence so well.

Could it be that the One who possesses all things gave us these things while we had nothing? Could it be that the One who created all things out from an innate desire dreamed of us even before the foundation of the world? Isn't He the One who sets the borders of land and call them forth as the nations? Didn't He call Himself the Desire of The Nations through the mouth of His prophet?

My heart is filled with expectations towards God fulfilling His dream through saints who will say yes to His heart. My confidence is found in His nature as One who desires. My confidence is found in what He says He will do and can do.

I am dreaming a dream which I know is out from a desire that is not my own. He shall have for Himself an emerging generation here in Singapore who will recognise His hands which is upon us, and we will choose Him in the midst of all the options the world throws at us.

Would you pray along with me for an Assembly of 7000 youth and young adults on the 9th August 2015, as the nation celebrates, that we consecrate; to covenant with God to walk in His ways and keep His laws in our hearts. Will you pray with me for an emerging generation who will love God and His ways and finish the dream of His heart for Singapore, as an Antioch of Asia and to hasten the day of His coming! Happy new year guys in advance!


God On Fire