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The Paradigms of Prayer V | Pray To Win

The Paradigms of Prayer V | Pray To Win

Peter was therefore kept in prison, but constant prayer was offered to God for him by the church.
— Acts 12:5


In the course of my journey building a community of prayer in Singapore for the last 7 years, I've learned to cultivate a few paradigms of prayer that sustains my coming in and going out of the prayer room. Regardless of the number of people in the prayer room or how great I feel in person, these paradigms kept me there and gave me the motivation for showing up for 4 hours, at least twice a week for the past five years.

I believe these paradigms function as an anchor in sustaining a culture of prayer that will have fuel our efforts in missions and gospel advancement.

I will be breaking them into five different paradigms in five different posts. I hope these paradigms can help you, your family and your community to cultivate a consistent and enjoyable prayer life that will impact your heart and the people around you.

Paradigm V | Pray To Win

The multiplication of an offering for the persecuted church in Burning Hearts 1:11 Conference 2017 was the effects of a people who prayed and God did a miracle.

One of my spiritual mentor preached at the 2nd evening of the conference and he felt led to call for a special collection for the persecuted Church in our region. He was preaching on extravagant giving from the life of Job, and how Singapore will play a critical role in the last days to advance the gospel in the final frontier of missions. The extravagance will not only be expressed in the monetary sense, but parents will giving their children to the Lord in the frontier and individuals giving up their lives for the sake of love to see the gospel prevail in the hardest and darkest places on the earth.

We ended the night by calling for a response as a nation, with 900 people in the sanctuary to kickstart that journey towards the vision of extravagant giving of our lives for the frontier mission by sowing money into the persecuted region. Base on my personal experience with the offering collection in our conference, a special collection will normally double from the usual evening. As expected, I received a text that evening with a figure that doubled the collection of the first night.

After the conference, we went to the bank and deposit all 3 sealed bags. Everything was fine until the bank teller had trouble counting the bag of the 2nd night. She was perplexed and recounted a few times. I have to refill my bank slip because the total number of $50 dollar notes exceed the total amount of what we collected. I was surprised and I asked her for the difference, and she gave me a figure that was 100% more from the original. To put things in context, we assigned 5 people to account for our offering collection in our conference, either all 5 of them made a huge mistake or God must have multiplied the offering.

I had a short debrief with my mentor and asked him for his discernment. He told me before the session, he felt an unusual stirring in his heart to call for a collection from Singapore for the persecuted church in the region. It was as though someone was praying from the region and the Holy Spirit was gripping his heart with it. He further said, this is a sign from God that when we respond to where His eyes are on (the persecuted saints), He will do the miraculous.

This reminded me of the story of Peter in Acts 12 when he was jailed for his faith, and when the church heard about it, constant prayer were made for him. We all know how the story ended. Peter experienced an angelic visitation and he had a miraculous prison break that led him back to the people who were praying for him. Despite the fact that they were praying for him to be released, they couldn’t believe it and they even reprimanded Rhoda for making that mistake. It is so ironic yet we live like this most of the time with our prayers.

There is a paradigm of prayer that I find comfort and confident in; I pray to win. Every prayer that I make, I believe someone and something is affected by it somewhere. Sometimes when we pray, we expect God to answer our prayers the way we envision it to be, but the truth is, God takes our prayers and He do it His ways. We may not see our prayers answered before our eyes, but the truth is someone is being affected by our prayers somewhere, and that is the glory of prayer.

The only reason why we see an offering multiplied in our conference for the persecuted church, because of someone from the persecuted church prayed for it. This person will never know that his or her prayer has resulted in a miracle, and for us to experienced the miracle, we may never know who this person is until we meet in heaven. Yet one thing I am certain, it is a result of prayer. When my mentor responded to the Holy Spirit stirring, God did the miraculous by multiplying the offering. Who knows where these sum of money is going to and it might have result in impacting to those who prayed for it somewhere. Jesus’ leadership is perfect and He always winning.

I want to encourage you today with this; pray to win. Whether you feel it or not, see it answered or not, things happens, and someone from somewhere is affected by it.

So, keep praying, pray to win.

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