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Josiah's Assembly

Josiah's Assembly

From A Dream to A Reality

08/08/15, the eve of our nation’s 50th birthday, a crowd of 900 young people gathered with one agenda; to be set apart for the Lord unto the next 50 years. Fathers & Mothers (both natural and spiritual) were present to stand with the young in the decision they made from their hearts to God. It was a night to remember.

For the first time (In my own experience), 900 young people would come for a gathering with no famous personality to speak or to lead in worship, what more a prayer meeting? Many other fun and great events lined-up and planned during that SG50 weekend, yet in the midst of all the options, they chose to come before God in consecration and prayer.

No one knew what the flow of events was like (we are talking about 4 hours long), yet everyone came with a heart of expectation to seek the face of God and to give ourselves to Him.  We saw parents standing before their children and wept in repentance and asking for forgiveness for their unrealistic expectation. We saw young people coming up to take the microphone courageously acknowledging their arrogance and pride; that anti-authority spirit.

We also heard the passion and the dream of a father (Jason Wong) for the younger generation and the generations to come. We also heard the comfort and encouragement of a mother (Jennifer Heng) who boldly made the declaration to enemies of God that seeks to slaughter this generation; "At my watch, you shall not pass! " she echoed Gandalf, the Grey who covered the young hobbits to keep on running the race to complete the task.

At the end of the whole exhortation, we got all fathers and mothers who were present to lay their hands to bless the next generation with the blessings of God, the Father. It was a Malachi 4:5-6 moment where we saw many young lives were encountering God through the prayers of the fathers and mothers.

An hour before we cross into the 9th August 2015, while being prayed for by all the spiritual fathers and mothers at The Josiah Assembly, I decided to walk up towards my dad and mum (who decided cancel their pre-arranged appointment to be present for the assembly) and awkwardly requested them to lay their hands on me and bless me with God’s blessings. They awkwardly stood up and lay their hands on me.

The only phrase that I could remember being spoken over my life by my parents was how I was never good enough and It stuck with me for 30 years. That night for the first time I heard my Dad and mum prayed, it was also the first time they ever prayed for me (they got saved 2 years ago).

Today, the only phrase that I can remember being spoken over my life by my parents is “God, thank You for giving me such a good son…” I could not contain what was being spoken over me, I felt my heart was imploding and the chains on my heart were broken. What used to be a curse, now I received a blessing.

It was a Malachi 4:5-6 moment for me. It is indeed a year of jubilee for my household.This is my story and it God’s dream for me and my family. It all began because I chose to dream His dream for my family. Will you dream His dream for your children and for your parents?

Jason Chua

Written on 9/8/15

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